Shock Dyno Test Service

Shock Dyno Test Service

Whether you want to check the condition of your shocks, or you just want to know what kind of valving is inside, we can help! Annex Suspension Group™ has on-site Roehrig® shock dynoes. We offer a complete shock dyno test service at multiple adjuster settings. Any brand is welcome!

The completed shock dyno service test the following:

Our team will analyze the plot results and can give feedback based on the intended use. We will also look for any signs of cavitation or excessive hysteresis .
A report will be delivered with a your shocks’ dyno graph. We can provide a CVP or PVP shock plot, however we highly recommend CVP for a more detailed view of the shock performance.
Reasonable shipping fees will be assessed upon shipment. You may also contact us to inquire about shipping charges before sending your shocks in.

Please make sure to send us the bare shock(s) only. An additional $25 service fee per corner applies if we received an assembled coilover that needs mounting brackets, camber plates, and other accessories to be removed. If our Dyno needs reconfiguration for the mounting hardware an additional $50 fee will be added to your work order. 

Non-AdjustablesSingle AdjustablesDouble Adjustables3 or 4 Way Adjustables
Price$80.00 Per Corner$120.00 Per Corner$150.00 Per Corner$190.00 Per Corner
SweepsN/AUp To 12Up To 12Up To 12
Rebound & Compression Test
High Speed & Low Speed TestN/AN/AN/A