Speed Academy's Take on Sport Comfort Valving

Unlocking the Secrets of Sport Comfort Valving: A Deeper Dive into Suspension Technology

Sport Comfort Valving is tailored to uphold high wheel rates. This internal vale technology results in smoother street driving and superior performance on rough roads and tracks, improving both commute comfort and overall performance on challenging terrains.

In the world of performance shocks, there exists a multitude of approaches, particularly when it comes to compression curves. Some situations demand a substantial amount of low-speed compression force, enhancing a vehicle’s responsiveness to driver inputs. This is where the concept of a “double digressive curve” comes into play. This curve signifies a shock that’s quick to react during initial steering input. In simpler terms, it’s exceptionally stiff when slowly moving up and down in the body—a sensation commonly felt when navigating slaloms or sharp curves.

While a shock with double digressive pistons can deliver thrilling on-track performance, it can also make the chassis overly sensitive to minor road inputs. To mitigate this sensitivity to smaller road imperfections, we’ve designed a curve that reduces resistance at low shaft velocities.

To address this, we’ve engineered a curve within Sport Comfort Valving that exerts minimal force at low shaft velocities. As the shaft velocities increase, this curve rapidly increases the force, providing the necessary medium and high-speed compression damping. This feature allows your vehicle to gracefully handle larger amplitude inputs on the road, such as highway bumps or abrupt elevation changes on the track. Importantly, it prevents the suspension from being under-damped during high-impact events.

Now, you might wonder: if high levels of low-speed compression force enhance vehicle response, doesn’t Sport Comfort Valving reduce responsiveness? Indeed, it does. However, it’s essential to consider the tire’s ultimate grip, which must counteract the inputs experienced due to a combination of shock valving and spring force. Feeding a tire a steering input while hitting a bump can overwhelm it. The typical response from a tuner would be to reduce compression valving or soften spring rates to keep the tire within its optimal operating range.

With Sport Comfort Valving, we’ve managed to offer a solution that allows for stiffer spring rates without compromising comfort. These stiffer springs effectively reduce overall body roll and provide quicker steering response.

Choosing when to utilize Sport Comfort Valving might seem complex given the multitude of approaches for compression curves. In such cases, we recommend relying on our expertise and utilizing our free suspension consultation service. You can access this service under the Services tab on our website.

However, if you have a good understanding of your specific needs, don’t hesitate to request Sport Comfort Valving, especially if you frequently traverse bumpy tracks or rough roads. We’ll carefully select spring rates to provide the utmost body control while maintaining a comfortable ride, whether you’re using your vehicle on the street or the track. Sport Comfort Valving is available for both the FastRoad Pro and ClubSpec Pro products when deemed necessary.


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