Annex Ride Height Measuring Tool

  • Quickly and accurately measure hub OR wheel center to fender distances for ride height and bump stop height adjustment work. 
  • Adjustable Nylon rod compensates for differences in wheel thicknesses, resulting in repeatable measurements without scratching your wheels. 
  • Designed and hand-assembled in Fremont, California.
  • Includes hex wrench. 
Annex Suspension Group’s ride height measuring tool is a quick and easy way to measure ride height while making suspension adjustments. This unique tool allows you to make bump stop adjustments without the hassle of having to take your wheels on and off multiple times trying to match your ride height to where you previously had it, or to make fine adjustments as needed to perfect your ride height before ever having to put your wheels back on.  The built in level ensures that your measurements will be square and repeatable for maximum accuracy.  You also don’t need to worry about scratching your nice center caps as the locating rod is made out of a resilient yet non-marring Nylon.  A tape measure is not included but we recommend using a small metric or standard tape measure that can fit the groove for the tape measure.   
Whether you are a hobbyist or a pro-shop, make sure your tool box is complete with the Annex Ride Height Measuring Tool!


Simply remove your wheel’s center cap to expose your wheel hub. Push the locating rod against the center of your vehicle’s wheel hub. With the Ride Height Measuring Tool orientated with the level on top.

Adjust the rod so that the tool can sit directly under the fender of your vehicle. Once adjusted, lightly tighten the rod set screw to keep it firmly in place.

Insert your measuring tape’s hook slot into the hook slot guide located on the level side of the tool. Pinch the tool with your thumb over the measuring tape hook slot to hold it securing into the locating slot.

Push the centering rod against the center of the wheel hub while using the level to ensure a proper reference to the wheel center. Keep the tape measure square to the tool and measure to the fender. To ensure repeatable measurements put a piece of painter’s tape down on the fender and mark your measuring point.
Record your measurements before making any adjustments. Now you can adjust or reset your your suspension accurately based on your reference measurements!