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  • 6 degrees of camber adjustment
  • Up to 2 degrees of caster adjustment
  • Allows for wheel clearance adjustment at full lock
  • Optimize caster while maintaining wheel clearance
  • FEA tested with a large safety factor
  • Aerospace grade 7075 T6 Aluminum with Milspec Anodizing
  • In-house designed Chromoly Studs
  • High Strength Steel Lock Nuts
  • Captured studs for easy assembly and adjustment
  • No more hardware falling on the ground during install

Unparalleled Engineering: Meticulously Crafted Plates for Optimal Performance and Safety

Our design is the result of months of dedicated engineering efforts, ensuring that it stands out as the best in its class. Through rigorous stress analysis and multiple design iterations, we have achieved plates that are both highly functional and exceptionally safe.

Custom Chromoly Studs: Engineered to Meet Uncompromising Functional and Strength Requirements

In order to meet our specific functional and strength criteria, we took matters into our own hands and designed custom chromoly studs. Recognizing that off-the-shelf options fell short, our dedicated efforts ensured that these studs deliver unparalleled performance.

Exceptional Strength and Durability: Aerospace-Grade 7075 T6 Aluminum Plates and Bearing Blocks with Type III HARD Anodizing

Our plates and bearing blocks are constructed using aerospace-grade 7075 T6 aluminum and feature Type III HARD anodizing. This combination results in superior strength, far surpassing the typical 6061 camber plates. With an emphasis on durability, our plates provide an unmatched level of reliability for your needs.

Do you wish you had more wheel clearance at full lock?

We can solve that now. Introducing Annex Suspension Caster and Camber Plates for the AE86!

Sold in pairs, these plates offer precise alignment adjustments and compatibility with Annex coilovers. These can also be used with other coilover struts such as BC, Feal Suspension, and Fortune Auto Coilovers. With up to 6 degrees of camber adjustment and 2 degrees of caster adjustment at the top of the strut, you can optimize your suspension geometry for better wheel clearance and handling.

Caster adjustable camber plates (CasCam) sometimes have issues with the hardware falling out when you go to install them.  Not with these!  We developed our very own super high strength chromoly studs that fit in captured channels with very precise tolerances.  The plates and bearing blocks are both made from aerospace-grade 7075 T6 aluminum with Type III HARD anodizing, these plates have a much higher ultimate strength than your typical 6061 camber plates.  The FK bearings are USA made tight tolerance, high strength steel balls with lowest slop available.  Ultra high-strength steel and nylon lock nuts, and the aforementioned studs ensure easy assembly and adjustment. Elevate your AE86’s performance with Annex Suspension CasCam plates.

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